Quarter million hits for Malaysian Olympians' video tribute


Initially, made this video to cheer Lee Chong Wei on the day of the finals. It was our last chance of getting that gold in Rio. Alas, gold or no gold, the Malaysian team this year has been a thrill to watch as they stretched themselves to a historic 5 medal ! So so proud. And so so happy this video has hit 250k views on facebook in just 2 days.

Watch here.

(Backing music is 'Bintang' taken from my new album Univerze, produced by DocOlv)
#TeamMalaysia #AyuhMalaysiaku #Bintang #LCW #PengSoon #LiuYing #WeeKiong #VeeShem #Pandalela #JunHoong #Dhabitah #ZaidatulZulkifli #Tokyo2020

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  1. You really hit a milestone with that many views on your video. Olympics are really exciting, I often like to watch ping pong. Awesome video by the way.