in bed with Harmen Meinsma

photographed by Harmen Meinsma I stumbled upon dutch photographer Harmen Meinsma's work online eons ago - he's based in Rotterdam and we only finally met in person few months ago. In just a short few hours of working together we managed to capture so many fun images! One of which ended up on my new album cover and this here, is another. 

A shoot always feels so effortless when done with someone who simply gets your shit. But just to dig a lil deeper, i got in bed with Harmen to get to know him better...

ZE : Who/what is your spirit animal?
HM: I love pigeons, and I think they deserve much more love than they get now!

ZE : I see you find death strangely fascinating. I'm very curious to know, why?

HM: It always makes me happy to know that there is an end to this confusing thing called life.

ZE: You look a lot like an ex of mine. Do you think he's gay and not know it?

HM: Well we are all a bit gay darling! 💜

ZE: Thank you for the amazing shot on my album cover! Whats your favourite song? 

HM: Oh, that’s a hard question! But I fell in love with Bintang and of course Univerze! 💜

If you can't get enough, check him out at
+ more fab pics on his facebook.


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