An open letter to Watsons Malaysia

dear Watsons, (and Garnier and Fair & Lovely and the like)

Welcome to 2017.

Did you know we women actually have brains? That we are more than the colour of our skin? And that if a man rejects us for what we look like, he can go fly kites?

On the other hand, perhaps you ARE well aware that us ladies blessed with extra melanin wouldn't need skin protection as much so you can't really sell us sun-blocking creams. And to your horror, this also means we naturally have anti-aging benefits, so you can't sell us those creams either.

But you have to make money off us; what better way than to make us feel insecure, right? In short, what I wanna say is “f you” but my mama taught me better than that :)

with love from miss 'sate hangus',

(pic shot by Rosiegraphie) #legendacun #lagihanguslagibagus #blackface #raya2017 #commercial #advertisement #putihbiarlahreal

1 comment:

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