New single: 'Hologram' (ft. DocOlv)

As heard on Bulgari, this is Ze Rebelle's new single from her 3rd album 'Univerze' 
(Available on Spotify, iTunes, etc)

Music written & produced by DocOlv & Ze Rebelle
Backing visuals by Ben Ferns (
Video directed by Ze Rebelle
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Ze Rebelle @ Tomorrowland with Joachim Garraud (2010)

Malaysian artist Ze Rebelle @ Tomorrowland Festival, 2010 with french dj/producer Joachim Garraud performing 'Wrecking Ball' on the Versuz stage in Boom, Belgium.

"I could barely move my left leg because of an infection the size of my palm (you can see the white bandage on my thigh) but hey, the party must go on!!" 🎉 #tomorrowland

Video footage thanks to those who uploaded them on youtube :) 

*ps: the ending is David Guetta at the main stage*

on Free Malaysia Today

free malaysia today

"Singer Ze Rebelle has become a “hot” but somewhat reviled name since her single Slumber Tetek razed across the Internet, shocking the more conservative and earning her severe condemnation in return.

It wasn’t just the lyrics of her single that rubbed people the wrong way. It was her demeanour and her barely-there attire that many regarded as extreme, seductive and way too sexy for everyday consumption." - an interview with Nizha Periaswamy, FMT

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an interview with Pulse

"Though Malaysia's Ze Rebelle has often been compared with rebellious popstar Lady Gaga, she’s far from an imitator. Born as Sarah Zainal, it is hard not to notice the electronic indie star with a personality as bright as her constantly changing hair colour.

And while she’s earned plenty of well-deserved achievements, Ze’s outspoken personality has also brought fiery criticism from conservative local Malaysians, who take aim at her fashion choices and humorously lewd videos — though there’s a special vitriol saved for her Muslim faith, bringing death threats and calls to repent. But it’s the wrath of Beyoncé’s “Beyhive” that seems to have put more fear in her than anything.

Undeterred, Ze continues to stir the conservative pot with localised covers of popular songs and remixes of her own originals on YouTube. Most of them highlight frivolous social issues, like the supposed “dangers” of Valentine’s Day, which she countered with a Malaysian-language cover of “Only You,” calling it “Kongkek Time” (“Fucking Time”).

Her hard work has paid off, winning AIM's Best Local English Song Award for “In The House”—a collaboration with Malaysian duo Goldfish & Blink—and earning a nomination for Best Lo-Fi Video at the Berlin Music Video Awards for “$ BROKE $,” which she directed herself. And after releasing her third studio album, Univerze, in 2016, Ze is now working on her next single, “Hologram”, recently previewed in a Bvlgari teaser.

We had a chat with the controversial artist on breaking away from cultural norms, incurring the wrath of the Beyhive and why good art should always make some people uncomfortable."
- Marlina Azmi

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trying on Metaverse Nails

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An open letter to Watsons Malaysia

dear Watsons, (and Garnier and Fair & Lovely and the like)

Welcome to 2017.

Did you know we women actually have brains? That we are more than the colour of our skin? And that if a man rejects us for what we look like, he can go fly kites?

On the other hand, perhaps you ARE well aware that us ladies blessed with extra melanin wouldn't need skin protection as much so you can't really sell us sun-blocking creams. And to your horror, this also means we naturally have anti-aging benefits, so you can't sell us those creams either.

But you have to make money off us; what better way than to make us feel insecure, right? In short, what I wanna say is “f you” but my mama taught me better than that :)

with love from miss 'sate hangus',

(pic shot by Rosiegraphie) #legendacun #lagihanguslagibagus #blackface #raya2017 #commercial #advertisement #putihbiarlahreal