Pissin' glitter in Krabi!

Music: 'No Moon (over Kuala Lumpur)' by Munk ft. Ze Rebelle

Locations: Aonang Beach, Hong Lagoon, Hong Island, Holiday Inn Express & Tiger Cave Temple.

Additional footage thanks to Marko
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New MV: "Strawberry Jam"

🍓 come eat my " STRAWBERRY JAM "!! 🍓

Music produced by DocOlv
Music video directed by Ze Rebelle

[ Now available on Spotify, iTunes, etc worldwide ]

New single: 'Hologram' (ft. DocOlv)

As heard on Bulgari, this is Ze Rebelle's new single from her 3rd album 'Univerze' 
(Available on Spotify, iTunes, etc)

Music written & produced by DocOlv & Ze Rebelle
Backing visuals by Ben Ferns (bferns.com)
Video directed by Ze Rebelle
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Ze Rebelle @ Tomorrowland with Joachim Garraud (2010)

Malaysian artist Ze Rebelle @ Tomorrowland Festival, 2010 with french dj/producer Joachim Garraud performing 'Wrecking Ball' on the Versuz stage in Boom, Belgium.

"I could barely move my left leg because of an infection the size of my palm (you can see the white bandage on my thigh) but hey, the party must go on!!" 🎉 #tomorrowland

Video footage thanks to those who uploaded them on youtube :) 

*ps: the ending is David Guetta at the main stage*

and then i was like...

arabic fashion leopard shoot
Shot in Rotterdam, 2015

on MTV Europe !

mtv europe my boyfriend is a robot joachim garraud

So, this is not exactly news because it was back in 2012... 'My Boyfriend is a Robot' (Joachim Garraud ft Ze Rebelle) was on MTV Europe, UK & Asia!

on Free Malaysia Today

free malaysia today

"Singer Ze Rebelle has become a “hot” but somewhat reviled name since her single Slumber Tetek razed across the Internet, shocking the more conservative and earning her severe condemnation in return.

It wasn’t just the lyrics of her single that rubbed people the wrong way. It was her demeanour and her barely-there attire that many regarded as extreme, seductive and way too sexy for everyday consumption." - an interview with Nizha Periaswamy, FMT

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